Bicycle Touring – with or without a cause Workshops – Wellington and Melbourne

Want inspiration, interaction, involvement, and insanely good calves?

Have been off the airwaves of this blog for a while but it is leading up to Live Below the Line time of the year again and I am also giving a couple of workshops on ‘Bicycle Touring – with or without a cause in Wellington and Melbourne in the near future…

I will be running the cycle touring workshop in Wellington next Monday (25 March) and then again in Melbourne Monday 8 April.

Info for Wellington workshop with Chalkle (a great learning program based in Wellington) on Monday 25 March, 6-7pm, 18 Allen St, RSVP and more info please see Chalkle and the page here:

Chalkle Happy, simply. workshopI’m also giving a workshop on my Happy, simply lifestyle model and education project on the same night from 7.30-8.30pm, if anyone is keen.

And the details for the workshop in Melbourne with Laneways Learning on Monday 8 April, 8 – 9:15pm, Ferdydurke: 2/239 Lonsdale St, RSVP and more info see Laneways Learning and the page here:

Laneways Learning Happy, simply. workshopI’m also giving a Happy, simply – lifestyle model and education project workshop there as well on the same night 6.15-7.30pm!

Seeya there?

Happy, simply.



What, When, Where, How and What (a bit more)

I have updated the order of this post so it is shown at the top for a workshop I will be giving in Melbourne on bicycle touring with or without a cause:

Hope to see you at the workshop and here is an earlier post of this blog when I was setting up for the ride and campaign…

This is an attempt at putting together all the aspects, logistics and details of my trip with a small plea for action in HOW…

WHAT: The gist of what I am doing in North America on a bike in April:

  • Riding a bike from Portland, Oregon to Whistler, British Colombia and back in April and the first week of May
  • Presenting for the Global Poverty Project and the wonderful 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation
  • Doing it eating on less than US$1.50/day (extreme poverty line) promoting the Live Below the Line campaign
  • WHY? To see more people engaged with the movement to see an end to extreme poverty and ultimately see those who live in extreme poverty have greater access to basic needs and opportunities
  • By bicycle there is also a strong environmental, health, sustainability and simplicity message

Doing what I love

WHEN & WHERE – Tour Itinerary and Map

Thurs 5 Apr Portland,OR Arrive Portland 10.55pm
Fri 6 Portland,OR Set up and Presentation opportunity!
Sat 7 Portland,OR Presentation opportunity!
Sun 8 Portland,OR Presentation opportunity!
Mon 9 Portland,OR Presentation opportunity!
Tues 10 Kelso,WA Portland+ 90km →Kelso,WA via Longview City. Pres opportunity!
Wed 11 Grand Mound, WA Kelso,WA+ 90km → Grand Mound, WA. Presentation opportunity!
Thurs 12 Kamilche,WA Grand Mound + 55km →Kamilche,WA via Olympia Pres opportunity!
Fri 13 ??? Kamilche,WA+ …km → ? on way to Port Angeles 170km away
Sat 14 Port Angeles,WA Continue of journey to Port Angeles
Sun 15 Victoria,BC Ferry to Victoria. Presentation opportunity in evening inVictoria!
Mon 16 Victoria,BC Presentation opportunity!
Tues 17 Vancouver,BC Presentation opportunity! Victoria+ 35km to ferry from Swartz Bay and ferry. Tsawwassen + 55km toVancouver.
Wed 18 Vancouver,BC Presentation opportunity!
Thurs 19 Vancouver,BC Presentation opportunity!
Fri 20 Squamish,BC Vancouver+ 70km → Squamish. Presentation opportunity!
Sat 21 Whistler, BC Squamish + 60km → Whistler. Presentation opportunity!
Sun 22 Whistler, BC Presentation opportunity!
Mon 23 Whistler, BC Presentation opportunity!
Tues 24 Squamish,BC Whistler + 60km → Squamish. Presentation opportunity!
Wed 25 Vancouver,BC Squamish + 70km →Vancouver. Presentation opportunity!
Thurs 26 Vancouver,BC Presentation opportunity!
Fri 27 Vancouver,BC Presentation opportunity!
Sat 28 Vancouver,BC Presentation opportunity!
Sun 29 Bellingham,WA Vancouver+ 90km →Bellingham. Presentation opportunity!
Mon 30 Arlington,WA Bellingham+ 85km →Arlington. Presentation opportunity!
Tues 1 May Seattle,WA Arlington+ 95km →Seattle. Presentation opportunity!
Wed 2 Seattle,WA Presentation opportunity!
Thurs 3 Seattle,WA Presentation opportunity!
Fri 4 Portland,OR Train back to Portland to return bike, trailer and get organised for LBL
Sat/Sun 5/6 Portland & beyond? Make way to Calgary, Chicago or New York?
7-11 May Live Below the Line Where best to be for week of Live Below the Line?
3rd wk May Chicago? Europe Chicago 14 May for G8? Tour End – Depart for Europe

HOW I need some bonus support to make it happen in the best way possible

I do have a backup to all of these and I’m very self-sufficient but all my trips are done as a full-time volunteer. I have been volunteering for the past seven months and will be for the rest of the year in various education and advocacy work so anything will be a bonus!

To help me make this as successful as possible (and not just for my own endurance and fun!) I have a two simple asks:

  • For your support, suggestions and to pass my trip details on to others
  • Any possible in-kind help, support or sponsorship
    • In particular I need (borrowing best) for a month starting and finishing in Portland:
      • Bicycle, trailer (preferred) or panniers (for bicycle touring) and various bike bits
      • Network of hosts for presentations and maybe accommodation

In return I will:

  • Attract media where possible – particularly local media
  • Have room to represent appropriate sponsors on items and in the presentation
  • Be advocating on global, environmental and social justice and can add to the good work of others
  • Promise to return items as needed or replace, as hopefully not needed!
  • Happily present to your community or group of interested people

In particular and in the past the best kind of support usually comes from organisations and business like yourselves and:

  • Aid and development agencies
  • Education and youth sectors, especially global awareness groups
  • Cycling, environmental, transport and sustainability advocacy groups
  • Community groups and associations such as: schools, Rotary, environment groups, faith groups and even something like Scouts, fire-fighters, hospitals, councils and others!

WHAT else do you need to know?

Before Today – My Background and My Hopes for this Tour

My global education journey started as a teacher in a remote Aboriginal school in the desert of South Australia. Since then I’ve spent the past 11 years teaching, volunteering and learning in over 50 countries.

With these amazing rich learning experiences I mix information with inspiration and shared them with audiences in developed countries. Using my own personal stories and the Global Poverty Project’s 1.4 Billion Reasons interactive multimedia presentation we encourage people to go from knowing about the topics and issues on extreme poverty and the environment to taking action on them.

I have been a key member of the Global Poverty Project since the first 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation on 4 July 2009 in Melbourne, have delivered over 100 GPP presentations and initiated and managed the youth and schools program in Australia.

My previous presentation cycling trips include South Australia (2007), New Zealand (2009) and the East Coast of Australia (2009). Each with their unique blend of global and environmental awareness.

I am extremely passionate and excited for my first presentation cycling tour in the US and Canadato give your youth and communities an opportunity to experience a GPP 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation, to promote the Live Below the Line campaign in May and showcase environmental awareness and healthy lifestyles.

The Global Poverty Project

Our aim is not to fundraise or create resources, rather the Global Poverty Project seeks to inspire people to actively engage with the movement to end extreme poverty. The Global Poverty Project connects people with the organisations, initiatives, resources and actions that are already happening.

The 1.4 Billion Reasons Presentation and Engagement with Social Justice Issues

The strength of the presentation is to provide context and catalyse comprehensive learning and engagement with global issues. Through our partnerships and working relationships we can connect audiences, teachers and leaders to organisations working specifically on a range of social justice issues. We connect you with learning guides, campaign actions, and a network of active citizens that can help facilitate a pathway of learning and engagement.

Live Below the Line

My other focus will be to explain and inspire people to take on the Live Below the Line challenge of living on US$1.50 for food each day, for five days. Live Below the Line is a GPP initiative and was first run in North America last year. I will be doing the WHOLE cycle tour Living Below the Line. I hope to engage more people with this incredible campaign which will run again from May 7-11 this year.

For more information please go to:

Swapping the bike for budgie smugglers (swimmers)

Day 4

  • 1.14 mile (1.83km) swim at YMCA pool Olympia, Washington State
  • Breakfast: oats, Mexican vanilla flavoured corn-flour, bit of bran, a few flax seeds, half a pear and boiling water
  • Snacks: none
  • Lunch: left over oats I couldn’t fit in my stomach from breakfast
  • Dinner: … not eaten but it is looking like it will be lentils and beans with chapatti bread!

Been a small food day after not doing as much exercise as the past few days but keeping the calories up as swimming can make you hungry.


So a new corner in the tour of the US and Canada while Living Below the Line…

On a beautiful sunny day I would prefer to be on the bike riding the 65 miles up the Olympic Peninsula to Quilcene but in the circumstances I also know that I would not make it, at least without cortisone injections, a team of physios and taking 20 years off the life of my right knee.

I feel good about my decision in light of a new dawn, still disappointed but keen to explore what I can make of it to educate and advocate on extreme poverty. The nice consistence is Live Below the Line and I am actually probably pretty clear on my budget a little and might fit in an egg soon!

Drum roll… what now?

I went for a swim today with my host Rich in Olympia and swimming is something I enjoy from time to time but not really dedicated to. As I was swimming it kind of came to me that I might be able to replace some bike riding with swimming…

The new uniform... Goggle and budgies are a go!

So from here on I will aim to swim a mile each day to:

  • Showcase the physical efforts of those who truly live below the line in extreme poverty (obviously usually working in the fields not swimming)
  • Have a physical component of the trip which I can’t do on bike so much
  • Interact with the community I am staying in by visiting the local pool
  • Want to get a temporary tattoo of Live Below the Line
  • I get clarity and insight when exerting myself as I would be on the bike
  • Has a novelty and fun factor to it
  • Learn about a place from it’s pool
  • See how those calories go and Living Below the Line as was my original challenge
  • Count it as my shower each day
  • I’m a crap swimmer and have no body fat so it is actually bloody hard work for me to swim that far each day
  • Gives the day some purpose, discovery and theme
  • Rehabilitate the knee (and hopefully not create a new strain!)
  • Be the person people can see as potentially being a little crazy but not as crazy as the situation where people live in extreme poverty everyday for their lives!

Today was 80 laps (more because I lost count a few times and think I did 16 laps in the 60’s) in a 25 yard pool which is 2000 yards or 1.14 miles or 1.83km. It means I nee to do 70 laps of a 25 yard pool each day (and find a pool each day!).

My dedicated, rim-eyed, goggles-press-on-the-bridge-of-my-large-broken-nose look!

I still hope to get on a few bikes from time to time but the 60 mile days are not good for my knee it seems incorporating a bit of triathlon with the usual advocacy and awareness will be fun and hopefully still have some impact.

It is not now a swimming trip but just to add a little component to it all as I aim to present and interact with as many people as possible – learn from them, share with them and inspire each other.

Budgie smugglers, goggles and chlorine eyes at the ready! Hope you continue to follow the journey and see where the pools take my mind and inspiration!

See if I can get some shoulders by the end of swimming a mile a day!

Can’t be Arsed…

Day 2

  • Longview, Washington State to Rochester, Washington State – about 65 miles (104km)
  • Breakfast: oats, Mexican vanilla flavoured corn-flour, bit of bran, a few flax seeds, half a pear and boiling water
  • Snacks: cold cooked potato and small banana (wow)
  • Lunch: pozole, beans and pasta sauce and a few lentils left over from night before
  • Dinner: weak onion broth, some root veg, small portion of lentils and cracked barley

Could not believe the difference a cold cooked potato and small banana made… went from being cold, tired, hungry, wet and grumpy to singing in the rain!

Snack in the fire station which was dry and warm at Napavine looking out onto the rain, was tough to get back out into it, but lovely.

While I would like to be writing about an amazing 60+ miles of riding in the rain all day I can’t. I have no energy or mental capacity to put together something insightful or even observant.

Even now after a great dinner of cracked barley, onion broth and a couple of vegies, I’m spent.

Tomorrow is only a 35 mile day so hopefully I can pull a few words together as I have seen and thought of lots of cool perspectives and experiencing everything through the wonderful veil of Live Below the Line, including right now which is I can’t be arsed…!

Tomorrow could also be a deciding day as my knee is sick even with creams, ibuprofen and strapping and if it doesn’t hold up tomorrow on a short ride I will have to take a look at what I can do from here…

Beautiful day in the rain which was non-stop and went from dry rain (raining but not really getting wet) to pouring rain.

Wetter and colder than snack spot but only 15 miles to go from there and was eating, so happy.

I am now in a great place to spend the night with vege farmer Joseph (he didn’t give me free vegies, well he did, but I costed them into budget) in a small farm house surrounded in birds, frogs, rivers, trees and pure life!

Going to bed! I’m also putting together crappy short video each day of you want to see – (Day 1) and (Day 2)

It took ages just to edit this post which I couldn’t be arsed to write and certainly shouldn’t have been buggered to edit to give you the effect…

Have to Put the Pain Away

Day 1

  • Portland, Oregon to Longview, Washington State – about 50 miles
  • Breakfast: oats and boiling water

    My pozole snack - corn goodness...

  • Snacks: pozole – whole corn kernels
  • Lunch: pozole, beans and pasta sauce (half today, half tomorrow)
  • Dinner: lentils, little rice and potato

My food is simple but enough and has become a non-feature, eating to live.

A great day to be on the bike but marred by a knee that was screaming at me from early on to the day with tendonitis. However this blog is not about detailing crippled knees, a sore bum or being wet and cold (not today anyway).

Instead my day has me thinking about those who live in extreme poverty and when they are crippled by an injury, sickness or misfortune. The resilience and resourcefulness they have to draw upon is incredible. For me tonight is: rest, stretching and ibuprofen (not available to the world’s poorest obviously). Also I get to have a warm shower, hot meal and comfy bed to sleep. Plus I am choosing to ride a bike as part of some advocacy and awareness.

This is where I feel obligated, passionate and fulfilled to do whatever I can, to represent and advocate for those who don’t need to suffer, beyond their incredible levels of resourcefulness and resilience.

In an attempt to make this a practical lesson I feel it is about ourselves being more resilient and self sufficient, to face our challenges and utilize the community around us. I would like to acknowledge those who face these adversities daily and without choice and from this I hope we can use our fortunate positions to ensure everyone has access to education, basic health and to not worry about tomorrow’s meal.

I believe we can try and are in the position to achieve these things with enthusiasm and joy not from guilt or sadness.

Having said all this if I am in as much pain tomorrow as I was today I don’t think I will make it to Port Angeles (200 miles away) let alone Whistler despite resilience and resourcefulness… Hoping for fortune tomorrow or access to cures and medicine – which people n extreme poverty don’t have


The bridge over the Columbia River from Oregon to Washington State - just before the rain!

Cycling 1000 miles eating on less than US$1.50/day… WHY?

The messages I want to send out by doing this trip – and most importantly why…

WHY in detail

  • I am not doing this to showcase myself, self promote, fish compliments or impress anyone
  • This trip is based on the experiences, learning and inspiration I have pulled from the past 11 years of travel, volunteering and learning, especially in developing countries
  • I want to advocate and be the middleman
    • Hopefully for the first time people will be drawn to do Live Below the Line from May 7-11
    • Others will be able to see if I can do it riding for a month, Live Below the Line is possible for them for five days
    • Hopefully they will also see it will be a great experience with lots of learning, empathy and inspiration
    • What I am doing is beyond the campaign but it is nothing compared with the 1.4 billion people in the world who live in extreme poverty every day with no assurances of an end
  • I love simplicity and seeing the world in that light – I know I will learn a lot with powerful perspectives and insights
  • I want to show the amazing resilience, resourcefulness and unrelenting hope and hard work people who live in extreme poverty have
  • I want to empower the people who live in extreme poverty – so we see them as truly remarkable
    • From this point we can understand and take action in support – not pity, guilt or sadness
  • There is no better way to see a place and it’s people than on a bike sharing stories and lives
  • I’m a human just as important and insignificant as anyone else and this is what I do, just as others do with equal commitment and purpose as students, parents, workers, volunteers, etc…
  • I want to see everyone have access and opportunity, voluntary simplicity and a perpetual smile as I am lucky to have
  • Offer an example for more people to live within the capacity of our environment, and enjoying it
  • Advocate nature, cycling, simplicity, sustainability, healthy lifestyles, community interaction + ?…
  • Shits and giggles – the world is a wonderful place to have fun… why not!
  • I live, learn and act to see a world without extreme poverty anymore

Calling Prospective Presentation Hosts!

An invite to any school, university, community group, religious group or gathering who would like to know more and get active on global, environmental and social justice issues… I would love to meet you as well!

There is a rare and inspiring opportunity of global awareness for you to be a part of.

Representing the Global Poverty Project I will be cycling and presenting in the United Statesand Canadain April and May this year whilst Living Below the Line (all my food for under US$1.50/day).

I give you the opportunity to host a Global Poverty Project 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation to engage, educate and inspire youth and your community with the topics and issues of extreme poverty. See itinerary in previous blog post for when I will be near you!

One of over 100 presentations done

In April and May I will be cycling from Portland to Victoria, Vancouver, Whistler, Seattle and in between offering schools, community groups, churches, Rotary Clubs and other gatherings an opportunity to host the very professional and interactive 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation and learn about the Live Below the Line campaign. On bicycle I also send a strong environmental / health awareness message.

I am doing this in conjunction with the current GPP North American Spring Tour (see link here) but on a bicycle and in a smaller range of distance. You are the lucky ones within that range!

To book a presentation go to or find out more see below and please feel free to contact me – and see my LBL blog

I would love to be in front of an audience in your community offering and engaging them in the movement that can see an end to extreme poverty.

Presenting on my 2009 NZ Tour

Many Thanks

d’Arcy Lunn

For more information please go to:

The joys of cycling, presenting & experiencing!