Dine Below the Line – Cinco de Mayo!

Day 26

  • Portland, Oregon
  • Breakfast: oats as per the norm and a 45 minute podcast interview with Brock at the Sprocket Podcast (not loaded yet but check them out)
  • Snacks: bread bread and bread!
  • Lunch: last bagel and banana
  • Dinner: Dine Below the Line – quinoa, lentils, homemade bread, beans, rice a few greens of simple shoots and weeds basically but yum!

Food brought from Allen and his mother

A fantastic shared dinner which really makes it quality, quantity and fun!

The spread of food from all the dinner guests… not bad eh!

It was an idea for those who wanted to join in with people who are doing Live Below the Line for a meal. For my poor friends they kind of have to do it but it is a great concept.

Try this at home anytime and even better with a group of friends…

  • Potluck meal where people have to contribute food to the value of 50 cents per head (in the US)
  • Set your best dining table at make as formal as you like
  • Enjoy the evening with friends, family and great conversation!

The most important part of any meal – people!

I can see myself setting up a few of these kinds of dinners and you will be surprised what you can come up with when all pooled together and even better under a theme like our Latin American Cinco de Mayo festival dinner!

Desert was a fantastic full moon – the closest the moon for the year!


Dine Below the Line – 50 cents a head all inclusive food, drinks and entertainment!

Day 22

  • Seattle – Fremont and U District (Uni of Washington area). Now not recording my physical attributes, except that today was an 8km walk day 😉
  • Breakfast: oats, orange peel, dash of cinnamon and water
  • Snacks: piece of bread with ¼ banana on it
  • Lunch: pasta in broth of ramen sachet with ¼ yam and small slice of corn bread
  • Dinner: Big slice of corn bread and ½ yam boiled earlier

I think one of my lowest exercise days but biggest eating days – bout time I think as I am feeling the cold a lot (it could just be cold) and my chin is getting a little sharp. Day should be remembered for a nice intimate presentation at Recycled Cycles in Seattle…

This blog though is about Dine Below the Line and a dinner I have organised with friends this Saturday night which is also cinco de mayo (5th of May) celebration for the Latin American community in Portland. You should also organise your own Dine Below the Line too… especially for next Wednesday in the official Live Below the Line week!

Dine Below the Line

This Saturday 5 May – Cinco de Mayo – lets have a fiesta! With a little difference…

Lets Dine Below the Line – Basically a shared meal for 50c per person!

Time: Saturday 6pm

Location: My friend’s house, Portland


Being cinco de mayo I think we can make it a Latin American theme and I know I have lived below the line in many of those countries…

Please RSVP and write what you will bring. I suggest we bring a 50c plate of something each – put your name next to your choice and depending on the number of people just double up on some things

Rice –

Beans –

Tortillas –

Lentils – d’Arcy,

Picante sauce or salsa –

Drinks (max 50c as well) –

Other…? –

My suggestion is to not get too tasty as more is usually better and ANYTHING you use must have a cost even that little pinch of salt or rotten tomato!

For free will be:

Good people, good conversation, good thoughts, good learning! Might even show a few slides and stories.

Many Thanks






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