Clarifying my version of Live Below the Line from the past 4 weeks

I need to make some very serious comments and points from my last blog post.

  • I did not starve myself intentionally on my trip – that was never the objective
  • I do not suggest or recommend anyone do what I did and it is very different to the official Live Below the Line campaign which is 5 days and not designed to starve people
  • My health is fine and I unfortunately have been in ‘skinny situations’ many times before from living in developing countries
  • I knew I had reached my limits and did something about it – I am eating more and exercising less

The important messages I was trying to get across were:

  • I first and foremost tried to replicate what it must be like to live in extreme poverty
  • It proved that with the amount of energy needed to do the hard heavy labouring work people do in extreme poverty compared with calorie intake it is simply not enough
  • I can choose to end my trip, eat more and stop exercising, people in extreme poverty can’t and if they must stop, they suffer because of it – reduced work, lack of income, increased hunger, etc
  • For the majority of people to get insights into extreme poverty the normal Live Below the Line 5 day challenge is the way to do it
    • I am experienced in what I did and I knew what I was doing, although I had not expected the hunger pains! I was also consulting with people throughout

Please please please do not think what I did is what you should do, do not get angry at me for doing what I did and no not think I would try to deliberately harm myself…

What I have learnt from this experience is significant and it should be seen as an insight into what I have done is nothing compared with 1.4 billion people who endure more and forever in our world.

Whatever feeling you have from my trip I only hope it will result in better understanding, perspectives, insights, resolve and action to make this beautiful world of ours shared so we can all have enough to eat, clean water to drink, access to health and education and be able to enjoy the most simple things in life…

The blog post from yesterday is now a few days old and my physical journey has ended in Portland as I had planned. I will now join in with 1000’s of others around the world taking part in the official Live Below the Line campaign from New York giving presentations, eating and relaxing and also proving that you can put on weight during Live Below the Line!!!

I got a few friends together for a Dine Below the Line dinner which meant 50c a head for food but great variety and quantity! Just what I needed…

Please feel free to write to me, add comments, concerns, frustrations and I will address them if you have issues built up from my last post.

Happy Live Below the Line week and join in or support those who are taking on the challenge! I am kind of looking forward to finishing on Friday but more importantly the resolve I will carry with me far past this Friday…



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