I have an energy debt…

Day 24

Not a great sight but the reality of how 1.4 billion probably look without scales telling them they need to eat more…

It is currently 5.09am and I have been awake with hunger pains for about an hour as has been happening for the past three mornings or so. The headaches are stronger and I can feel my hip bones wanting to pierce the skin as I lay flat on my back smoothing my hands over them and my concave stomach.

My body feels like it is starting to eat itself – which in reality it probably is…

It is day 24 for me doing Live Below the Line and in my 1000 mile journey that was meant to be by bicycle but because of my knee I wasn’t able to complete the cycling component. However I have managed almost 500km of cycling, 200km of walking and over 6km of swimming.

I believe I am now in an energy debt that is having an effect on my body. I feel like I am starting to loose muscle and my sinew is now my strength. I have been in this energy debt before when I was living in Ethiopia with lack of food variety and decent clean drinking water while training and then completing a marathon for my 30thbirthday. I did it to raise funds for the orphanage in the town I was living in. I am not going to let myself get to that level again (I was healthy but a bit on the skinny side…).

Also the hunger temptations are becoming almost impossible. I am not much lighter than when I started as I am now 62kg (137 pounds) compared with my starting weight of 68kg (148 pounds). But I really wonder what exactly I have lost in those 6kg – it feels significant.

I will complete the time challenge I have set myself for Live Below the Line which was for five weeks and join 1000’s of other next week for the official 5 days of Live Below the Line May 7-11 but the exercise needs to stop and I need to decrease the current energy/calorie debt I have, that is of course after a 55km [32mile] cycle to the train today to return back to Portland!).

The biggest debt I feel though is indebted to the 1.4 billion people who HAVE to struggle like this everyday, most for their whole lives. I am also indebted to the Live Below the Line campaign and challenge for the incredible insights, perspectives, conversations, inspirations and realities it has created for me and those I have come across and hopefully those who have read a blog or two.

I strongly suggest that no one should take on the Live Below the Line challenge in the way that I have for health reasons (and mental!) but even more passionately I suggest that no one in the world should have to face similar challenges without their choice…

It’s a shame it has taken such an energy debt for me to feel this so strongly again as I do when I am in developing countries but I am thankful for these feeling and the learning it has brought. If you feel concerned or angry at me convert it into inspiration (or frustration) to take action…

Join the campaign and Live Below the Line next week May 7-11 to learn like you may never have before or support those generously who are taking on this challenge to encourage them and for the amazing effective programs associated with Live Below the Line like the Global Poverty Project and more so they can lead the movement that can see an end to extreme poverty.



Don’t want to Live Below the Line but keen to donate? Sure…

Australia- https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/lunnyLBTL

US – https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/USlunnyLBTL

End note – I have been eating (remaining bagels [in budget]) and resting all day and slept much better!

Happy and Healthy!


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