‘Saving’ the world needs to be fun…

Day 19

  • 55km ride and mountain biking around beautiful Bellingham, Washington State
  • Breakfast: two pieces of bread dipped in excess liquid of cooked oats
  • Lunch: oats, orange peel, pinch of salt and water – long cooked and heavily expanded
  • Dinner: watery rice cooked in onion soup mix with tablespoon of refried beans and two pieces of bread

A beautiful ride around Bellingham and some great chats in the evening – a perfect Live Below the Line kind of a day!

Pure NW American greenery!

Throughout this trip there is one thing that is very clear to me… I love doing these sorts of things with my life –

  • travelling,
  • taking on a challenge,
  • meeting people,
  • advocating for the people I have learn so much from in developing countries,
  • sharing lives, stories and experiences,
  • exploring new places and getting a slow intimate understanding of them
  • the outdoors, nature, physical exercise
  • time to think and reflect on the world
  • share the wonderful experience of being a guest and others to host

I am not doing this experience for glory, popularity, notoriety or believing it is any more important than what someone else does with their days. Actually I don’t like being thought of as dedicated or inspirational or more important than anyone else.

Honestly I believe I am selfish, very selfish I am doing this trip and the volunteering I do because it is what I love doing. I am not making many personal sacrifices, I have no responsibilities, I am not doing something I don’t want to be doing for the greater good.

I’m an educator, I love that people can use me to gain insights, thoughts, inspirations, learning or perspectives but it only because it is who I am and what I do not because I am doing it all for the greater good.

The reason I bring all of this up, and sorry for the massive self indulgence, is that I love advocating and being a part of a movement that can be a positive force in the world and for me especially seeing less people in extreme poverty in developing countries and more people happier with less or live within the boundaries of our nature in developed countries. But most of all life should be fun!

Doing what I love - people and purpose

If you go out today and want to ‘save’ the world – by this I mean make a positive contribution to social justice, humanity and the environment, do it because you love doing it! There are so many ways to make a positive difference in the world and enjoy it, not just because you have done it but because you like DOING it.

I have told this message to over 20,000 people I have presented to in the past many years and it is always the same

  • Follow your passions and interests
  • Be creative
  • Be realistic
  • Make it fun
  • Don’t try to do everything tomorrow
  • Make sure it will last – start small and ramp up
  • Move yourself along the spectrum gradually of being a part of the solution
  • Believe in what you do or it won’t last long
  • Do it with others when possible
  • Share your plan, journey, results, accomplishments and failures
  • Laugh, cry, suffer, celebrate
  • Don’t take it all too seriously
  • And most of all enjoy it and continue to enjoy it

A fantastic resource that I love sharing is a document of actions taken by young people after the Global Poverty Project presentations I give. I am always inspired by 10-17 year olds and you can be too – http://link.globalpovertyproject.com/youth_actions


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