I love my hosts but they are scared of me…

Day 17

A gorgeous moment in the day with perfect spring sunshine (just before nearly treading on a snake, also enjoying the sun)

  • 22km walk from Semiahmoo Marine to Bellingham, Washington State – classic walk from boats to forest, snake, spring sunshine, beach, mall, rivers, waterfall, clouds and more!

    Not quite the highlight of the walk but good to have variety...

  • Breakfast: plenty-a-oats, dried orange peel, bit of bran, a few flax seeds and boiling water
  • Lunch: left over mac and cheese from night before
  • Dinner: serve of rice with left over ramen beef flavour sachet and two slices of homemade bread.

Not a big day for interesting food but seemed to be fine as I was in love with the day, walking and the variety. Getting a little sick of nearly stepping on snake for the second day in a row…

It has been an absolute privilege to stay with wonderful hosts every night of this trip. I would usually carry my house on my back with tent, sleeping bag and mat but I wanted to go light for this trip which meant relying on the hospitality of others.

It worries me sometimes that I am using the kind human nature and hospitality of people and not abusing it… but there is nothing to guarantee this – please let me know hosts if that IS the case or I will keep on doing it!

Anyway the point of this blog is that everyone I have stayed with on this trip has at some stage or another felt quite threatened or guilty about me staying with them. They tend to think that I am there on judgment to spite them with excess as I eat simply and walk, ride or swim for pleasure to fill my days.

Everyone has said they feel a bit guilty knowing what I am doing and are very self conscious of what their house is like or even if they use heating in their house!!! I have often had to say ‘I’m the idiot choosing to do this tour and Living Below the Line for 5 weeks – not you!’

I know sometimes that my actions speak louder than words but I wish they weren’t taken as judgement as I love the way I live and it is for me, education and advocacy not to critically analyse the kind and wonderful people who are opening their homes and hearts to me!

It is a weird paradox but I am very grateful for the hospitality and know I could not do what I am dong without peoples unlimited kindness. I am truly lucky and forever in gratitude for the ridiculous amount of hospitality and kindness I have received from the world.

I absolutely worship people and humankind as I receive the best of it continually, that is why I am positively convinced we can see NO ONE live in extreme poverty because if people can look after me we can look after the world – me to we!

It is with a very euphoric high that I finish this blog entry with a BIG AND INFINITE THANK YOU TO HOSTS, HUMANITY AND THE WORLD – it is the best place to be and I wish it for everyone in the world forever and will do whatever I can to make it true – one guilty host or 100 presentations at a time!

In some simple words from Michael Franti and a great inspiration to me:

Stay Human and One Love.

Kinda pretty special along with my nightly hosts!

4 thoughts on “I love my hosts but they are scared of me…

    • Hey Bree, Thanks for the words and I am sure AVI breathes a little easier when I am not there giving them a hard time about recycling, printing, biking and more!!! Or just doing it myself… 🙂

  1. I can completely understand how you feel about this and how people react. I often get it because I try to be as eco-friendly as I can manage (while not going crazy).
    I have used cloth nappies for my daughter for 17 months now.

    • Funny how reason to do your upmost to preserve community and environment can be looked upon as crazy but luckily if you are like me I do it because I enjoy doing it and it makes my life richer…

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