Come Dine Below the Line

Day 15

  • Complete wash out… tried to get a swim in but didn’t leave the house till 4.30pm and only managed a walk into Vancouver downtown – 12km
  • Breakfast: couple of crackers, piece of bread and not much as just working from home
  • Snacks: apple and half mandarin
  • Lunch: oats with orange peel and ginger that I didn’t get round to eating till 1.30pm
  • Dinner: rice cooked in a little broth, a sardine, few leaves of bok choy!

Great work day on a rainy day but did manage a good walk into Vancouver in the end and see a good old friend and mentor from the past, a great reward for any walk!

A couple of observations and thoughts from today mainly around mood and eating.

Firstly the way we eat can have a powerful effect on moods and perspectives. I feel sorry for my hosts on a few occasions as I have turned up on their doorstep – hungry, tired, cold and generally grumpy. I have to mask it as best as I can and either put on a brave face or get done what I have to: get in, get cooking and get eating. To be honest I don’t think my hosts have noticed what is my ‘grumpy’ is anyway – probably grumpy peoples’ ‘happy’ actually!

Some of the beautiful bursting sakura on Vancouver streets everywhere!

The other effect on mood I have with this challenge is appreciation. The flowers and trees are a little more beautiful, I’m connected to them more and I take more time to appreciate it all.



Vancouver Tulips

Everyone also seems to have beautiful tulips... Thanks gardeners!

I do know that people who are constantly hungry for their lives can not have their mood be dictated to by food. Ultimately it does in the sense that they: have enough / don’t have enough for today or maybe tomorrow or maybe for the season but outside of this survival process people just eat to live. I am a little confused how obsessed we are with cooking and eating these days in the west – not totally in a bad way but it is so far beyond the realities of the extreme poor.

While in the Live Below the Line headspace I look at the food culture of the developed world as a bit obsessive and elitist when there are a billion people who go to bed hungry each night, especially when we see foods that travel 1000’s of miles just for our pleasure and we can’t do the same for other survival…? Still the same could be said for sport, which I love, so I am not totally having a crack at people who are food fans.

My action point on this one would be to think about having a simple food day once a week to honour, think about and challenge yourself to see some of the finest things in life like family, nature, community and simplicity. This is where you can try a great idea from Global Poverty Project in Australia and the UK who have launched a really cool initiative for the Live Below the Line campaign – Come Dine Below the Line, inviting people to a dinner party where the food is 1/3 of the daily cost of the Live Below the Line challenge (ie. 50c per head in the US from US$1.50/day). (US video version)

See this link below for some great ideas around Come Dine Below the Line and I can guarantee the dinner conversation will be reverting! Maybe use some of the recipes I have been adding in my blog… (Australian version of 66 Australian cents per head)

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