Live Above the Line (a little cheating)

Day 13

  • 18 km of riding and 1.6km (1 mile / 64 laps of 25m pool) swimming
  • Breakfast: steal cut oats, rolled oats, orange peel, pinch of nutmeg, boiling water and flour to make porridge pancakes (totally recommend!)

Sunday must be pancake day so I turned my porridge into pancakes! Just took a little help from flour...

  • Lunch: left over porridge pancakes
  • Snacks: beef jerky and two slices of white bread
  • Dinner: pasta, half cup of frozen vegetables and watered down pasta sauce

I finally cracked… I have reached the half-way point of my journey – Whistler and two weeks. To now the temptations have been there and I think I have been absolute in my refusal of them and sticking to my Live Below the Line rations. Trust me the temptations have been there like the grilled bagel with bacon and cheese that produced the most incredible smells as I walked into a hosts house having ridden 90km to get there on day 1!

But yesterday as I was feeling very hungry, a bit light in the stomach and passed the festival tents for the third day in a row in the Whistler Village giving out free samples of almost everything imaginable – energy bars, flavoured milk, beef jerky and more. I caved and strangely my body told my brain to take a packet of beef jerky which I put into my guilty pocket.

I managed to stop myself from opening the packet and thought I can just give this away to someone who will enjoy it and rode 6km off to the pool to do my 64-lap mile-long swim. After my swim the jerky still happened to be in my pocket and I had to eat. The protein and salt shot through my body and filled the lacking fuel cells. It’s strange as I never really crave meat and eat very little meat even when I have a choice but it seemed like the best thing my body needed – I hate saying that as meat has some serious environmental issues and feeding an animal to feed yourself seems very wrong having done Live Below the Line for two weeks but I can see why the world’s poor see it as a pure luxury.

So this momentary lapse I have palmed off as a reward for the half way point of this trip and I think it has revitalised my dedication and determination to stay below the line for the remaining two weeks of the trip and then the official week of Live Below the Line where I will be in New York. Its that week I will be joining thousands of others taking part in the campaign from around the world May 7-11 and it can also include you!

I was also very encouraged in the morning as one of my great friends in Ireland, James, has signed on to take the Live Below the Line challenge May 7-11. He then also put it to all of our mates to take it on in a great move of male pride, primordial competition and pure peer pressure – I can only encourage it! I then chimed in with a guilt trip (as I usually only do with my friends) and said if they weren’t ‘man’ enough they should at least be sponsoring me for my extended campaign.

I haven’t made reference to sponsorship for the Live Below the Line campaign because for me it is more about the education and advocacy but if I want that education, advocacy and inspiration to continue we need to continue to support the people, programs and organisations that do the much needed work on our behalves. So if you have learnt something, felt inspired or feel a little more connected to movement that can see an end to extreme poverty you can sponsor me as I continue on my tour Living Below the Line…

Beautiful ride down memory lane for me to be back in Whistler where I spent many good times with good people and good snow!

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