Enough Food was not Enough – I got hungry…

Day 10

  • Day off! Except 6km ride, 6km walk – Vancouver
  • Breakfast: oats, bran, a few flax seeds, orange peel, dash of cinnamon and boiling water
  • Snacks: not enough!
  • Lunch: leftover dinner – rice noodles and roasted vegies
  • Dinner: Roasted vegetables, rice and beans

The least amount of energy expenditure for the whole trip but enough food wasn’t enough for the first time, an insatiable hunger that could not be fed…

It was grumpy last week but yesterday it was hungry. The day was spent indoors working away and it was the least amount of physical activity so far for the trip. My body has finally caught up with me and the energy debt I have created is knocking on the door!

It was just one of those days where enough food was never enough. I luckily can up my oats intake a little and make sure I have some filling rice in the evening. But what must someone do who is hungry with nothing in the cupboard or in the field? This is where the world’s poorest become truly remarkable because they just have to weather through the drought or lack of food either till food comes again or till they suffer because of it. I don’t encourage people to be hungry but it gives a sense of venerability and helplessness.

My hosts boys in their play box of lentils - making me more than a little hungry...!

Today is a lucky day as I get to go to a free concert from my favourite musician – Michael Franti (http://michaelfranti.com) who is a great role-model for me and has lead a lot of my social justice thinking and reflection. I feel it is going to be the perfect time to see him 10 days into this challenge.

Always an inspiration to meet Mr Franti!

A few exciting things happening with some follow on from polio eradication and a few future plans of possible presentation tours…

Anyway the moral of this story today is let us see those who are hungry not as sad helpless people but as some of the most powerful and hopeful in the world and that we should never have to see anyone be so in a situation that doesn’t need to exist.

A nice way to distract the hunger that I think most people in extreme poverty don't have... Not guilty just in ore of the power of the hungry in the world, just wish they didn't have to be so powerful eh.

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