First Canadian Presentation and Back on the Bike

Day 9

  • 55km (32miles) bike ride from Maple Ridge to Vancouver (only a little drenched this time)
  • Breakfast: oats, Mexican vanilla flavoured corn-flour, bit of bran, a few flax seeds, ¼ banana and boiling water
  • Snacks: ¾ banana – pretty black but pretty cheap!
  • Lunch: left over pasta from night before after I cycled back into Van at 4pm
  • Dinner: roasted root vegies and rice noodles

Pretty carbed up for a few days so might need some protein soon but really my body just keeps on saying more carbs and plenty of energy to go round…?

Today was a special day as any day is when I get to give a Global Poverty Project presentation, especially a 1.4 Billion Reasons for Youth presentation at a school and my first in Canada eh! 

I was very fortunate to be invited to a school just outside Vancouver and presented to over 200 students at the Yennadon Elementary School from grades 4-7. I think they thought I was someone special and a little mysterious with my accent as they were listening very intently but the presentation delivered as always.

It is such a privilege to see faces light up at the sight of a picture, a movie, a fact or a story. There were some great questions that came up and they were all thinking hard when I posed the question – do you think sponsoring a child is a good thing?

Always great insights into student's perspectives and thoughts...

When it came to Live Below the Line they went for the automatic thoughts of ‘I’d just eat all the food in the cupboard’ or ‘I would eat the $1 menu at McDonalds’ – the first you are not allowed to do and the second is a bad choice. I think the thought alone is great as they have to put themselves in a real life context to see how they might manage such a thing and that can then only lead to the conclusion of what it must be like for someone living in extreme poverty to survive on this wage – for everything!

As always they are fired up to change the world, which does mostly get lost after lunch, but I know it is a seed and perspective planted that will be referred to again in the future. Thanks for the loud cheers as well Yennadon!

Also nice to be back on the bike and no worries for the knee with a shorter distance. Not such a great choice of roads with shipping container trucks rushing past in the pouring rain. Not a lot of room for thought and insights with trucks rammed up my arse!

Hoping for more presentations and good crowds at the existing ones in Whistler, Squamish and Seattle.


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