I got grumpy…

Day 5

  • 4.5 mile (7km) walk to get to car pick up in Olympia; 1 mile (1.6km) swim at William shore Memorial pool Pt Angeles, Washington State; and 8km walk from Victoria downtown to Joan and Mike’s house – my hosts.
  • Breakfast: oats, Mexican vanilla flavoured corn-flour, bit of bran, a few flax seeds, half a pear and boiling water
  • Snacks: single piece of bread before swimming and quarter potato before Victoria walk
  • Lunch: beans and left over chapatti, warmed by the staff on the ferry
  • Dinner: rice, quarter potato, quarter onion, a little salt, some onion soup mix as broth

Hunger kicked in mid morning as I had an early breakfast but a pretty good food day with a good 15 cents left over for an egg tomorrow!

Last night was a classic… I went out to dinner with my amazing hosts, Marie and Rich to a fancy restaurant with huge bay windows on the seaside with a lovely sunset outside. They had salad, soup and fish and me my lentils and chapatti cooked before going! The waitress and staff were very accepting of my BYO status and caused quite a conversation in the kitchen out back – another beauty of this campaign.

This am a beautiful Olympia morning as I got up at sunrise. A warming brisk walk to my pick up point 4.5 mIles (7km) away on a cold morning close to freezing.

It was a wonderful but disappointing lift up the east coast of the Olympic Peninsula with the girlfriend of my host a couple days before. Nothing to do with Jess, she’s lovely, but I could feel the beautiful scenery providing a nice sensory overload of nature: trees, sunshine, mountains, oceans and animals, that would have been perfect to take in by bike. But I am not one to dwell in what could or should have been as it is fiction. Instead I got into Port Angeles, the ferry point to get to Victoria, Canada, a few hours early and started to research for the local pool.

A few blocks away passing through a pleasant town I found the William Shore Memorial Pool.

Memorial pool or memorable pool? Probably more memorial.

I was in a bit of a foul mood as the sponsorship I had asked for from the ferry was turned down – this is not something I expect but because I was tired and hungry it felt like it was an extra boot in the shins. How do people who are hungry cope with so much that doesn’t go their way…? Another humbling experience in resilience and the power of the worlds poor.

Was feeling much better after my 70 laps/1 mile/1.6km swim where I had time to think, be active and stop feeling sorry for myself. However I don’t really know what I have got myself into as it was a much harder swim today than the endorphin soaked swim yesterday!

Pool trip did come complete with rubber ducky!

Now on the spectacular ferry ride from the north tip of the Olympic Peninsula, US to the south of Vancouver Island and city of Victoria, Canada.

I hope you can understand the amazement, respect and homage I have for those who live in extreme poverty who never really consider their feelings or mood – because they can’t, it is their existence, their normality and they are the toughest people I know and have learnt from in person and from doing this challenge.

Simplicity is something I aspire to but simply not enough is something no one should ever be faced with… 

It is only day 5 of this trip and I am learning a lot, so will you if you sign up to Live Below the Line – it’s a life changer. http://www.livebelowtheline.com


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