Can’t be Arsed…

Day 2

  • Longview, Washington State to Rochester, Washington State – about 65 miles (104km)
  • Breakfast: oats, Mexican vanilla flavoured corn-flour, bit of bran, a few flax seeds, half a pear and boiling water
  • Snacks: cold cooked potato and small banana (wow)
  • Lunch: pozole, beans and pasta sauce and a few lentils left over from night before
  • Dinner: weak onion broth, some root veg, small portion of lentils and cracked barley

Could not believe the difference a cold cooked potato and small banana made… went from being cold, tired, hungry, wet and grumpy to singing in the rain!

Snack in the fire station which was dry and warm at Napavine looking out onto the rain, was tough to get back out into it, but lovely.

While I would like to be writing about an amazing 60+ miles of riding in the rain all day I can’t. I have no energy or mental capacity to put together something insightful or even observant.

Even now after a great dinner of cracked barley, onion broth and a couple of vegies, I’m spent.

Tomorrow is only a 35 mile day so hopefully I can pull a few words together as I have seen and thought of lots of cool perspectives and experiencing everything through the wonderful veil of Live Below the Line, including right now which is I can’t be arsed…!

Tomorrow could also be a deciding day as my knee is sick even with creams, ibuprofen and strapping and if it doesn’t hold up tomorrow on a short ride I will have to take a look at what I can do from here…

Beautiful day in the rain which was non-stop and went from dry rain (raining but not really getting wet) to pouring rain.

Wetter and colder than snack spot but only 15 miles to go from there and was eating, so happy.

I am now in a great place to spend the night with vege farmer Joseph (he didn’t give me free vegies, well he did, but I costed them into budget) in a small farm house surrounded in birds, frogs, rivers, trees and pure life!

Going to bed! I’m also putting together crappy short video each day of you want to see – (Day 1) and (Day 2)

It took ages just to edit this post which I couldn’t be arsed to write and certainly shouldn’t have been buggered to edit to give you the effect…


2 thoughts on “Can’t be Arsed…

  1. You mean can’t be ‘d’Arced’?!? Sorry, had to be said. You’re doing a great job d’Arcy, keep going, you can do it! And I can’t find any typos, so you’re doing well with the posts too…

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