Have to Put the Pain Away

Day 1

  • Portland, Oregon to Longview, Washington State – about 50 miles
  • Breakfast: oats and boiling water

    My pozole snack - corn goodness...

  • Snacks: pozole – whole corn kernels
  • Lunch: pozole, beans and pasta sauce (half today, half tomorrow)
  • Dinner: lentils, little rice and potato

My food is simple but enough and has become a non-feature, eating to live.

A great day to be on the bike but marred by a knee that was screaming at me from early on to the day with tendonitis. However this blog is not about detailing crippled knees, a sore bum or being wet and cold (not today anyway).

Instead my day has me thinking about those who live in extreme poverty and when they are crippled by an injury, sickness or misfortune. The resilience and resourcefulness they have to draw upon is incredible. For me tonight is: rest, stretching and ibuprofen (not available to the world’s poorest obviously). Also I get to have a warm shower, hot meal and comfy bed to sleep. Plus I am choosing to ride a bike as part of some advocacy and awareness.

This is where I feel obligated, passionate and fulfilled to do whatever I can, to represent and advocate for those who don’t need to suffer, beyond their incredible levels of resourcefulness and resilience.

In an attempt to make this a practical lesson I feel it is about ourselves being more resilient and self sufficient, to face our challenges and utilize the community around us. I would like to acknowledge those who face these adversities daily and without choice and from this I hope we can use our fortunate positions to ensure everyone has access to education, basic health and to not worry about tomorrow’s meal.

I believe we can try and are in the position to achieve these things with enthusiasm and joy not from guilt or sadness.

Having said all this if I am in as much pain tomorrow as I was today I don’t think I will make it to Port Angeles (200 miles away) let alone Whistler despite resilience and resourcefulness… Hoping for fortune tomorrow or access to cures and medicine – which people n extreme poverty don’t have


The bridge over the Columbia River from Oregon to Washington State - just before the rain!


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