My First Shop for Live Below the Line & Cycling 1000 miles

Shopping list for today after working out what is in the price range and mostly what is out!

ITEM HOW USED PRICE BREAKDOWN (in lb which means pound kiddies, ie 500g)


Vanilla corn starch Add to oats Splitover 4 days


2 X cool aid water flavours Add to water – to drink more 10c each makes a gallon


Taco Seasoning Add rice, pasta, beans, etc 50g – split 2 days


Instant ramen noodles Might eat raw as snack Split 2 days


Whole corn kernels To boil and eat while riding 56c/lb .5lb – 2 days


Onion soup mix For watery soups with rice, pasta, etc $2.92/lb .3lb – 5-7 days worth


1 X pear Bit battered but cheap 48c/lb – half for 2 days


Bran Keep me regular with all the starch & carbs 39c/lb tablespoon – 4 days


Oats The key to kick off the day 65c/lb – 2 big days of oats


Split green peas Some protein in soups, snacks, anywhere 65c/lb – easy 2 days


Red beans Plenty of energy! $1.13/lb – 2/3 days




Two days of food for 120 miles of cycling...

The checkout chick was a little puzzled at bulk items not in much bulk!

The trick with this is that it does not necessarily represent 2 and a bit days as things like the cool aid, corn starch and soup mix will do me more than 2 days and I will supplement a few grains of rice or pasta into the mix maybe or a potato.

The best thing was I also had to buy some deodorant as I will be very smelly from sweating and cycling long distances. The price of my deodorant was two days of food budget – $3 so the next time you see someone living in extreme poverty who might be a little smelly cut them some slack eh…!

It will get easier buying food as I will have small amounts left over and can add little things in as I get budget.

On the possible future shopping list are things like:

Bananas / pears 48c/lb Corn meal 57c/lb
Onions / celery / cabbage / carrot 48c/lb Polenta 78c/lb
Potatoes 30c/lb Flax 80c/lb
Cucumber 48c each Flour 31c/lb
Beets 80c/lb Pasta 80c/lb
Tin veg 65c each Chick peas $1.17/lb
Rice 86c/lb Salt 14c/lb
Lentils 86c/lb Sugar 60c/lb
Soy beans 82c/lb Tin beans 60c each
Cracked wheat 41c/lb Pkt turkey gravy 28c
Pearl barley 56c/lb Big can pasta sauce 88c
Millet 62c/lb Can refried beans 70c

My friends the grains...

Other items I can see that might come onto the list are – stock cubes, seasonal veg and fruit, oil, homemade bread and a spice here or there.

I think the big lesson from today’s shopping experience is that I think I will have just enough in quantity but the selection for my food will be ONLY the above list and not a chance for anything else outside of this!

The other lesson learnt is to be mentally tough enough to refuse the barrage of offers of food or ignoring those leftover hot chips or riding pass the smells of bakeries, cafes and restaurants…

I definitely know I am going to enjoy the experience however and get some powerful insights!

Happy Easter and hope you had a good one!

Beautiful day and bike - just needs a name?!


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