Generosity – already before the first pedal

Not sure who has heard that I am heading off next week on a 1000mile cycling presentation tour from April 6 – May 6, from Portland, Oregon, USA to Whistler, Canada and back while… Living Below the Line (eating on less than US$1.50/day), well I am.

My aim is to create extra awareness and advocacy for those who Live Below the Line everyday of their lives. The main reason I am doing this is that I know we CAN end extreme poverty and I have absolute conviction in the generosity and kind nature of humans and humanity.

I have known this for the past 11 years in my work and travels regardless of race or religion, rich or poor, urban or rural and any other possible test case. I receive the most incredible hospitality, kindness and generosity on a daily basis. This bike trip is to try and encourage it not only to those we come face to face with, as in my usual case, but as one human to another so we can see everyone live with access, opportunity and choice. It happens to me and I know it can happen to everyone in the world.

Here are a couple of very recent examples of generosity as I lead up to my cycling trip, most based in Hawaii where I have been the celebrant for my beautiful friends’ wedding (have to see my other blog)…

  • People conscious of what I do and it’s limitations financially but allowing me to join in with celebrations, adventures and antics for my friend’s stag in Waikiki
  • A friend who ordered a larger room to host me in the spare bed
  • The two guys who manage the property at an abandoned bungalow and allowed me to stay there for 4 nights near the wedding venue
  • Donnie from Maui Cyclery who rented me a bike to train for my ride – for free!
  • Allan a friend of a friend in Portland who I have never met who is lending me his bike to use for my trip
  • Keens shoes who are interested in what I am doing to advocate for the world’s poorest and the environment and are sponsoring me in a number of ways
  • The numerous offers for accommodation from people who have seen what I am doing on my blog, facebook, my Live Below the Line websites, CouchSurfing and more…
  • The 7 separate hitches I received getting me up to Haleakala mountain where I did my favourite things of camping, hiking, running and naturing (a new verb)

Sorry the list could go on like a thank you call out at a wedding speech!

So finally as I so often ask of my friends, family and complete strangers I hope for your support and generosity to follow my trip, check out my perspectives, continue to be generous humans and keep extending it out a little further to those 1.4 billion others in our world who need far more than I do. Your support and actions with me, the Global Poverty Project, Live Below the Line or your own choice of global support does make a huge difference…

My blog for the trip:

My Live Below the Line Australia page:

My Live Below the Line US page:

Not a bad spot to do some training for my bike ride... Maui, Hawaii!


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