Don’t worry about me – join me!

It was a very fleeting couple of days in Australia from New Zealand before heading off to Hawaii but I managed to speak to all my family and most of my 14 nephews and nieces – my favourite possessions in life!

Anyway I was copping a bit of flack about my pending 1000 mile presentation cycle while Living Below the Line (eating on less than US$1.50/day). Either it was from my mum and sisters worried that I will emancipate into nothing as I did running a marathon in Ethiopia in 2008 or a couple of my brothers just not really ‘getting’ why I am doing it.

This is how I learn and share. Worth all the money in the world (but better)!

I have to say I’m really excited for the bike ride because I know it will be a wonderful personal journey filled with lots of inspiration and learning as well as optimising my skills and passion to do the most I can do to put things like equality, justice and learning on as many tables of people who haven’t considered it much before. Not because I think they should but because I believe they will benefit from it as I have and ultimately benefit the world’s less fortunate.

  • I can ride a bike,
  • I can live on a limited selection of food,
  • I can do it for a long distance and time,
  • I love a challenge,
  • I am passionate about the topics and issues of equality, justice, access and opportunity and happiness for all – rich or poor,
  • I can be a voice for those who can’t,
  • I can engage, inform and hopefully inspire others to consider these topics and ideas,
  • I do it because I love it and will have quality interactions with others and learn from it,
  • I do it because I am proud, grateful, blessed and honoured to act on the experiences and learnings I’ve had from the past 11 years of travels and particularly from the worlds most resilient and resourceful people, usually in developing countries

Live like it is your last year on the planet every year with humility, happiness and humanity and I think you might have a decent life for as many years as life chooses for you.

For now it is a week in Hawaii for two wonderful friends’s wedding where I get to be the celebrant – but that is a whole other blog in itself!

As I have been saying – join me for the ride! and if you want some action points around what I am doing here are a couple of options:

  • Read, reflect and have a chat to someone around the concept of what I am doing and the Live Below the Line campaign
  • Take on the Live Below the Line challenge (US$1.50 AU$2 per day for food each day for five days – May 7-11
  • Share my blog or the campaign with others to enrol them into the concept
  • You can donate to the Global Poverty Project who hosts Live Below the Line to continue to educate and campaign for those who live in extreme poverty

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