Building up to Launch from Portland!

I have to say I am a little apprehensive at the reality of what it means to Live Below the Line and ride a bike long distances but I know it will be such an enriching, reflecting, perspective-rich and humbling experience I really just want it to start!

For now I am doing very little training due to the nature of being very nomadic for the past five fabulous weeks in Aotearoa New Zealand. I will only be in Melbourne for four days before going to Hawaii for my friends wedding where I’m the wedding celebrant!

On the logistical side of the trip I have my launch presentation in Portland confirmed – Friday 6 April 7-8pm Lewis & Clark College! I’m starting to lock in a few more presentations and will put them up on the Global Poverty Project Events Page once confirmed – Still looking for more presentation opportunities, particularly in the smaller towns I will be visiting such as Kelso, Grand Mound, Squamish and more.

I’m also still struggling to borrow some gear like: a bike with panniers or trailer, mac laptop to borrow for presentations and mobile phone but know there are bigger problems in the world. Still a bike trip without a bike could be interesting…

It is all trivial as once on the road it will be pure experiences, learning and sharing the best things in life (not things), stories and lives.

Still get in touch if you think you might like to host a presentation or me and if you might have a link for to borrow a couple of things –

Will start to push the media angle as I am just about to head off and keen for chats on radio, with journalists and other media to kick it all off.

What will be the staple? Corn? Beans? Rice?


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