What will I eat!?

Got my first presentation booked! Lewis and Clark University, Portland! 6 April – be there. Still looking for bike, trailer and more presentations – cheers!

Diet of a Live Below the Liner:

Remember kids no begging, borrowing, stealing, growing  or gifting…

The big thing will be base ingredients. Depending on the place it will likely be a combo of:

  • lentils – whole, red split, other?
  • sorghum
  • chick peas
  • beans
  • rice
  • flour
  • split peas
  • sago
  • tapioca
  • barley
  • cracked barley
  • pearled barley
  • quinoa
  • buckwheat
  • semolina
  • oats
  • corn meal
  • millet
  • couscous
  • polenta
  • other…?

In combination with (when affordable):

  • eggs
  • oil
  • salt
  • sugar
  • cheap as possible stock?
  • powdered milk or soy milk?
  • other…?

Wholemeal in any of these if possible? I hope so or might need to add enema to the list!!!

Likely Veg:

  • pumpkin
  • potatoes
  • yucca, manioc, taro
  • any root veg
  • beetroot
  • cabbage
  • greens
  • chard
  • silverbeet
  • spinach
  • carrot
  • leek
  • onion
  • garlic
  • others…?

Fruit: seasonal and over-ripe usually. Don’t know what it will be or be…?

The basis for my first big cook up doing LBTL for a month in 2010

My only concerns are fruit and veg, oil, stock, eggs and pre-made bread.

One basic important law for me will be: ‘The more simple – the more I can have!’

Not sure how I will cost this on a per serve basis and even harder because of American measurements! But basically this is what I will be living on, and personally I think it is about sticking to a very simple diet which reflects extreme poverty, which I know well, and sticking to it in limited servings and availability…

From experience I find that I am usually under the required cost as long as I don’t have any ‘luxuries’ like:

  • dairy
  • pre-made anything
  • fruit and veg of my choice not seasonal
  • drinks other than water
  • bought anything without making it scratch

No need to mention or think of anything like

  • beer
  • chocolate
  • cheese
  • meat and fish
  • most things!

Physically I know I can do this as I have done it many times before in developing countries and my body will adjust but mentally it is going to be tough!

The beauty of all this that I can see now is that I know with such simplicity in diet it will feel great to be simple, fulfilled on less (choice) and make my trip more meaningful, reflective and educational for personal growth and inspiration to others… wow excited!

Hope I can find me some fruit like my 80 cents of apples last year...


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