The Trip Info – Pass on & join the ride

This is the one pager to pass onto anyone who wants to get the concept of what I am doing and may want to get involved in the movement to see an end to extreme poverty!

Global Poverty Project Cycling Presentation Tour (while Living Below the Line!)

This is just one way we can help to end extreme poverty

There is a rare and inspiring opportunity of global awareness for you to be a part of.

Representing the Global Poverty Project I will be cycling and presenting in the United States and Canada in April and May this year whilst Living Below the Line (all my food for under US$1.50/day).

Join me for the ride!

In April and May I will cycle from Portland, Oregon to Victoria, Vancouver, Whistler, Seattle and in between offering schools, community groups, churches, Rotary Clubs and other gatherings an opportunity to host the very professional and interactive 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation and learn about the Live Below the Line campaign. On bicycle I also send a strong environmental / health awareness message.

Please feel free to contact me – for presentations, media, sponsorship and more!

I would love to be in front of an audience in your community offering and engaging them in the movement that can see an end to extreme poverty.

Many Thanks

d’Arcy Lunn

The overall grab and gist of what I am doing in North America and WHY:

  • Riding a bicycle 1000 miles fromPortland,Oregon to Whistler, British Colombia and back in April and May
  • Presenting for the Global Poverty Project’s wonderful 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation
  • Doing it eating on less than US$1.50/day (extreme poverty line) promoting the Live Below the Line campaign
  • WHY? To see more people engaged with the movement to see an end to extreme poverty and ultimately see those who live in extreme poverty have greater access to basic needs & opportunities
  • By bicycle there is also a strong environmental, health, sustainability and simplicity message

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