Calling Prospective Presentation Hosts!

An invite to any school, university, community group, religious group or gathering who would like to know more and get active on global, environmental and social justice issues… I would love to meet you as well!

There is a rare and inspiring opportunity of global awareness for you to be a part of.

Representing the Global Poverty Project I will be cycling and presenting in the United Statesand Canadain April and May this year whilst Living Below the Line (all my food for under US$1.50/day).

I give you the opportunity to host a Global Poverty Project 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation to engage, educate and inspire youth and your community with the topics and issues of extreme poverty. See itinerary in previous blog post for when I will be near you!

One of over 100 presentations done

In April and May I will be cycling from Portland to Victoria, Vancouver, Whistler, Seattle and in between offering schools, community groups, churches, Rotary Clubs and other gatherings an opportunity to host the very professional and interactive 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation and learn about the Live Below the Line campaign. On bicycle I also send a strong environmental / health awareness message.

I am doing this in conjunction with the current GPP North American Spring Tour (see link here) but on a bicycle and in a smaller range of distance. You are the lucky ones within that range!

To book a presentation go to or find out more see below and please feel free to contact me – and see my LBL blog

I would love to be in front of an audience in your community offering and engaging them in the movement that can see an end to extreme poverty.

Presenting on my 2009 NZ Tour

Many Thanks

d’Arcy Lunn

For more information please go to:

The joys of cycling, presenting & experiencing!


3 thoughts on “Calling Prospective Presentation Hosts!

  1. You are such an inspiration D’Arcy – I wish I lived in either Canada or the US just so I could host you! Any time you are coming towards London, let me know. Thanks for all you do and how you deliver such an incredible message!

    • I am on my way to the UK… After my North America trip I hope to be in Europe for June doing some work with the Global Poverty Project there and some presentations! Not sure if I’ll be riding a bike and might be putting back on a few kgs so hospitality welcome! Love to see what you and the Orchid Project are up to as well!

  2. Oh!I have read your blog just now.How eager I’m to accompany with you along your trip and I even want to invite you to give a speech in my university.HAHA
    Hope your trip is going smooth!

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