Before Today – My Background and My Hopes for this Tour

My global education journey started as a teacher in a remote Aboriginal school in the desert of South Australia. Since then I’ve spent the past 11 years teaching, volunteering and learning in over 50 countries.

With some of my Ethiopian students

With these amazing rich learning experiences I mix information with inspiration and shared them with audiences in developed countries. Using my own personal stories and the Global Poverty Project’s 1.4 Billion Reasons interactive multimedia presentation we encourage people to go from knowing about the topics and issues on extreme poverty to taking action on them.

I have been a key member of the Global Poverty Project since the first 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation on 4 July 2009 in Melbourne, have delivered over 100 GPP presentations and initiated and managed the youth and schools program in Australia.

One of over 100 presentations done

My previous presentation cycling trips include South Australia (2007), New Zealand (2009) and the East Coast of Australia (2009). Each with their unique blend of global and environmental awareness.

Presenting on my NZ tour

I am extremely passionate and excited for my first presentation cycling tour in the US and Canada to give your youth and communities an opportunity to experience a GPP 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation and to promote the Live Below the Line campaign for May.

Happy for more sharing and experiences

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3 thoughts on “Before Today – My Background and My Hopes for this Tour

    • Hey Guys, Nice work you seem to be doing in South Africa. If we can get people to not only understand the topics and issues of extreme poverty but actually take on some of the concepts of voluntary simplicity and no-growth economy I think we can meet half way with countries who are struggling to provide clean water, education and health to their people…
      Thanks for following the blog and hope to learn more from your initiatives.

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